Exploring the Convenience of Fragrance Travel Sets: The Benefits of Perfume Travel Kits

Whether you’re a fashion-forward trendsetter or someone with a discerning taste for fragrances, perfume travel sets are an option not to be overlooked. These compact and portable kits contain a variety of different perfumes, offering people an opportunity for diverse choices and enhancing flexibility in selection. In this article, we’ll explore three major benefits of […]

Why Perfume Companies Should Offer Perfume Travel Sets?

With the continuous growth of the global tourism industry in recent years, perfume travel sets have become a new trend in the fashion world. Renowned brands like Dior, Chanel, and Gucci have all joined this wave, offering convenient and practical perfume sets for travelers. So, why shouldn’t your perfume brand follow suit? To answer this […]

Unveiling Our New Year Perfume Packaging Designs

Greetings to all! As we usher in the joyous season of the Chinese New Year, we’d like to inform you that our factory will be on holiday from February 1st to February 16th. Wishing you all a Happy New Year filled with prosperity and happiness! In the spirit of the festive season, we are excited […]

A Captivating Celebration: Highlights from Our Company’s Annual Gathering

Introduction: As the Chinese New Year and holidays drew near, our company hosted a heart-stirring annual gathering on January 25, 2024. The event was a delightful blend of literary performances, including readings and skits, mesmerizing martial arts displays, soulful singing, and a celebration of talent. It also featured the recognition of individuals who have significantly contributed […]

A Radiant Affair: Zamac Caps Elevating Valentine’s Day Perfume Designs for Men

Introduction: As love fills the air and Valentine’s Day approaches, our passion for crafting exquisite zinc alloy perfume caps takes center stage at Xinjin perfume packing factory. Specializing in the artistry of zamac, our factory brings you exclusive designs tailored for men’s fragrances that promise to captivate hearts. In this blog post, we delve into […]

Revel in Spring with XINJIN Perfume Packaging Factory’s New Series of Perfume Caps!

Introduction: As the blossoms of spring herald the new year, XINJIN Perfume Packaging Factory proudly introduces its Spring Series of Perfume Caps. This exclusive collection reflects our commitment to perfection, emphasizing the impeccable craftsmanship of our zamac perfume caps. Excellence in Perfume Caps: Our Spring Series stands out with its exceptional zamac caps, specially designed […]

Elevate Your Valentine’s Day: Exquisite Zamac Caps Redefining Perfume Packaging

Introduction: Welcome to our blog, where craftsmanship meets love in the form of Zamac caps. As Valentine’s Day approaches, we delve into the heart of our artistry—shaping bespoke Zamac caps that mirror the grace of flowers and spheres, creating a symphony of elegance for your perfume packaging. Zamac Caps Bloom: Floral-Inspired Designs for Valentine’s Day […]

Unveils New Year’s Oriental Charm Series

As the new year approaches, Xinjin Perfume Packaging Factory is proud to introduce its latest collection – the Oriental Enchantment Series. This collection showcases unparalleled craftsmanship and exquisite design, setting a new standard for luxurious perfume packaging. Design No. 1 The first design features an exceptionally unique element – a metal cap resembling a blooming […]

Tech for Perfume Precision: How Do Spray Cap Designs Achieve Accurate Dosage and Controlled Fragrance Release?

Introduction In the world of fragrances, the importance of a well-designed perfume spray cap cannot be overstated. Beyond aesthetics, modern consumers seek products that offer precision in dosage and controlled fragrance release. This article delves into the technologies that make this possible and addresses the question: How do advanced technologies ensure precise dosage and controlled fragrance release […]

Preserving Fragrance Integrity: What Role do Perfume Bottle Caps Play in Preventing Oxidation and Contamination?

Fragrance enthusiasts and industry professionals alike understand the delicate dance of preserving the true essence of a perfume. Beyond the captivating scent notes and elegant packaging, the often-overlooked hero in this olfactory journey is the perfume bottle cap. In this exploration, we delve into the crucial role that these seemingly simple components play in preventing two […]