Common cap materials used in perfume bottle design

Perfume bottle caps are an essential element in perfume packaging. The cap design, shape, and material are all things that can affect the aesthetics, cost, and even the longevity of the perfume.

That is why perfume accessory manufacturers should design bottle caps with unique qualities. In addition to being suitable for the perfume, this design needs to add an overall stylish and luxurious appeal to the perfume bottle. Generally, three prominent aspects need to be considered when designing a perfume bottle cap: material, size, and design. 

Choosing the material 

This is the first step in designing a perfume bottle, the most common cap materials on the market are Acrylic, Zamac, Wood, Surlyn, and ABS. The choice of material generally needs to be based on the design and message the perfume bottle cap must convey.

Zinc Alloy Caps

Luxury perfume brands are generally very strict in their choice of caps. Zamac is a zinc alloy with various advantages, such as cost, strength, flexibility, and quality. Zamac is usually analyzed by the zinc content, the thickness of the plated surface, and its finish. 

ABS Caps 

ABS caps are similar in appearance to Zamac caps but are more cost-effective than Zamac. ABS allows customers to customize the product to suit their needs, ideas, design interests, material requirements, and budget. One thing, however, is that abs caps do not offer the luxury look that Zamac caps do. 

Acrylic Caps 

Acrylic material has the characteristics of transparency and an attractive color rendering effect. Colored acrylic caps are top-rated products in the market because the material is cheap enough, lightweight, and easy to handle. In some low-end perfume bottle markets, acrylic caps are also commonly used as perfume bottle caps. 

Surlyn Caps 

Compared with other caps, Surlyn caps have some unique features. The primary material of the cap is made of Surlyn resin, which has the advantage of being scratch, abrasion, and corrosion-resistant. All leading perfume bottle manufacturers are giving equal importance to green and aesthetics. The future of environmental protection is a big trend, so Surlyn caps will be used more and more.

Wooden Caps 

Many perfume bottles create classic-looking caps with wooden caps. Wooden caps can be cheaply customized or luxuriously designed, and they are popular in both the medium and low perfume markets. No additional design costs are required. They are cost-effective.

The size of the bottleneck

Perfume bottle caps can only be designed once the neck size is determined, and there are three standard neck sizes available in the market today 18mm, 15mm, and 13mm. 15mm is the most commonly used for perfumes. Depending on the design requirements, these perfumes’ pump heads and collar sizes may also vary. 

Cap Outside Diameter 

The minimum outside diameter of a bottle cap will generally vary depending on the type of material it is made from. For wood, the minimum outside diameter should be 2-2.25mm, Surlyn approximately 2mm, Zamac approximately 2mm, and ABS approximately 1-1.5mm. 


In addition to ease of use, perfume bottle caps should feature a great design to attract customers and bring beauty and naturalness to the brand. When perfumes look and smell cool, customers will not give up on them even after the perfume’s life is over. Therefore, all these factors must be analyzed and executed in detail to produce perfume caps that highlight your brand’s character.

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