Can perfume bottles be placed upside down to prevent volatilization?

A woman’s temperament is often expressed through the perfume she uses. How to make the perfume last longer and how to make the perfume more charming requires knowing the skills of using perfume.

Fill the perfume as much as possible
A bottle of perfume is almost used. When there is little left, it should be moved into a smaller bottle, so that the remaining perfume can be kept full to reduce the air in the bottle, thereby reducing the oxidation effect of the air on the perfume and maintaining the fragrance of the perfume. concentration and purity.

do not waste
If you want to save some perfume, then you can wipe the perfume on your clothes, but it is not recommended to do so. Because it hurts the clothes a bit. Either you spray perfume on your clothes in winter, because the smell of perfume is not easy to disperse in winter.
Generally, when you spray perfume, it should be 20 cm away from your skin, so that the spray range is large and uniform. If the perfume is sprayed unevenly, it is easy to volatilize and cause waste.

Avoid light
Perfume volatilization is due to high alcohol content. If you want to prevent the fragrance from evaporating, store it well. The correct storage method is to avoid light and high temperature! To avoid discoloration and odor.

Put the perfume bottle upside down
Because the cap of the perfume is tightly closed for a long time, it will volatilize the tube connected to the nozzle all the way to the bottom of the bottle, and with the air pressure in the tube at the bottom, the perfume will slowly volatilize due to the air pressure! If it is placed upside down, after the perfume at the nozzle evaporates, it will not evaporate because there is no perfume at the bottom! If the perfume can’t stand upside down, let it lean against something or against the wall!

body parts that can be ignored
Wrist: This kind of place, after you spray it, the smell will disperse when you move your hand. Also, this part is close to the hands, and the perfume is easily washed off when washing hands.
Behind the ear: The most common place to rub perfume is this part. The body temperature is high, the smell is easy to disperse, and it is not affected by sunlight, so it is not easy to volatilize and cause waste.
Neck: This is also the place where I often spray perfume. But this place is more sensitive, if you are allergic to it, don’t spray it.

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