The Seven Elements of a Perfume Bottle Collection

Nowadays, with the improvement of people’s living standards, the utilization rate of perfume is also high. As everyone knows, the perfume bottle is also a kind of art worthy of collection. How to choose a perfume bottle to collect, there are the following aspects for reference.

Era. Generally speaking, the earlier the perfume bottle is produced, the more valuable it is for collection and appreciation. Such as Lalique style glass perfume bottles from the first century BC; amethyst bottles from 50 to 150 AD; blown glass jars from the first century AD. From them, you can experience the real “long-lasting fragrance”.

Origin. Perfume bottles from different origins record different folk customs and can feel different cultural atmospheres. The oldest perfume in the world discovered in Cyprus is simply and succinctly housed in an inconspicuous small pottery bottle; while the perfume bottle of the Madame Butterfly series with exotic flavors is even more beautiful, revealing the ancient oriental country. Mysterious atmosphere.

material. The modern perfume bottle manufacturing industry developed along with the glass and crystal manufacturing industry. Therefore glass and crystal are the main raw materials for the design of modern perfume bottles. In addition, porcelain, enamel, etc. are also often used as raw materials for making perfume bottles. Of course, the overall effect is also related to shape, color and decoration.

modeling. The shape of the perfume bottle has been quite rich today. In addition to the shapes that can be described such as square, circle, heart, crescent, cone, inverted trapezoid, etc., there are many shapes that are too odd to be described by language.

color. The color of the perfume bottle is very rich, generally light color, especially light lemon yellow, because lemon yellow matches the color of most perfumes, and can give people a fresh and clean feeling.

decorate. A delicately and elegantly decorated perfume bottle plays a decisive role in attracting a woman’s visual attention. The engraved surface, the wonderful flower bottle cap, and some of them are decorated with hand-tied bows, so that the visual art of the perfume bottle and the olfactory art of the perfume have the same appreciation value.

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