What are the skills of perfume bottle printing design?

How to improve the value of perfume bottle packaging has been the topic of research in the packaging industry, and other perfume bottle packaging products are different; perfume bottles should carry the culture and connotation of the perfume brand, which makes the perfume bottle of perfume bottle packaging in the design and production needs to consider more elements.

The following are the concepts and techniques of perfume bottle packaging design. The design of perfume bottles should be in line with the characteristics of the perfume itself, whether it is the bottle shape, perfume bottle cap, perfume bottle color, or outer packaging design. Among the many perfume bottles, each one should have characteristics that can attract different people. Among them, the packaging color of the perfume bottle should reflect the prominent features that the product wants to express. For example, some perfume bottles are romantic, gentle, and sexy in color; some seek to be elegant, decent, delicate, and serene; some are elegant; some are pure, lovely, fresh, confident, and happy.

From the appearance, the perfume bottle design takes the human body or the graceful curve of the human body as the main design element, such as the elegant and graceful female body in a dress, leaving a deep impression. There are also perfume bottles in the form of flowers and plants and bionic forms, such as shells and bamboo. The content of such perfumes is more harmonious and integrated with the shape of the bottle, giving people a kind of experience close to nature.

With the development of the market, the proportion of design appearance for perfume bottles will be further enhanced in the future. Therefore, perfume bottle manufacturers should pay more attention to design capabilities in the future, and only by being stable in design will they be able to win opportunities in the future competition.

Perfume bottles and former water treatment perfume bottles need to pay special attention to the issue of sewage discharge. Perfume bottle spray quality is related to water treatment, workpiece surface cleanliness, ring conduction, gas volume, spray powder volume, and operator level. We suggest you try the following methods: Pretreatment section.

The perfume bottle spray pretreatment section includes pre-discharge, main discharging, and table conditioning. In the north, the temperature of the primary stripping will not be too low and needs to be insulated. Otherwise, the treatment effect is not good. After pretreatment, it enters the preheating area, which usually takes about 8~10 minutes. When the perfume bottle reaches the fan room, it gives a little residual heat to the sprayed workpiece to increase the adhesion of the fan group.

This section is crucial if the process requirements of the sprayed workpiece are relatively high. Otherwise, if the workpiece absorbs a lot of dust, a lot of particles will appear on the surface of the processed workpiece, resulting in a loss of quality. This time is the temperature and baking time. The powder is generally 180 to 200 degrees. It significantly depends on the material of the workpiece. The drying oven should be just a short distance from the powder bomb room. Generally, 6 meters is better.

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